Emercoin (EMC) - Cryptocurrency with proof-of-stake (POS) + proof-of-work (POW) mining.

Total coins: 1 * 10^9 EMC.
 POW Algorithm: SHA-256.
 Block speed: variable from 10 seconds to 10 minutes,
 varies on     blocks found and difficulty.
 POW block reward: 5020 EMC, decreasing depending on difficulty.
 POW difficulty is recalculated each block.
 POS reward: 6% annual with 30 day coin maturity.
 Confirmations for new block: 32 .

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Secure currency
Emercoin combines POS + POW algorithms to process transactions on its blockchain, with an emphasis on POS.

For a successful attack on the network, the attacker must accumulate 51% of the computing power, and 51% of M1 aggregate (total coin supply). This task is much more difficult than just to accumulate 51% of the network's computational capacity.

The POS mechanism does not require huge computing power to process transactions on the network. This means that greater network security is achieved without a large investment in mining hardware, and makes Emercoin cheaper to maintain and more environmentally friendly than alternatives which rely solely on POW.

The POS concept employed by Emercoin does not allow delegation of stake to mining pools or to other persons. This helps to preclude the possibility of abuse of trust by a centralised party and further increases the reliability and stability of the network.  

Implementation of RFC5389 (STUN) protocol:
To discover its external IP-address, the client does not use only one server owned by a private company (as do all other Bitcoin derivatives). Instead, Emercoin uses a standard mechanism based on the proven and mature specification RFC5389 (STUN) which uses 263 geographically distributed redundant servers. This makes simultaneous service denial virtually impossible and reduces the possibility that a third party can easily collect all user IP-addresses


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